Nils Hamm x Seb McKinnon x Drew Tucker x Erin Vest Collab Playmat - Signed Limited Edition

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What's so special about these playmats?

  • Limited Edition - This was a one-time printing only. In other words, once this campaign was done, Seb will never reprint these playmats or prints again. EVER. The amount he produced depended on the demand. For example, if 100 people pledged for a Damnation print, there was only 100 produced.
  • Minimal Logo presence on the playmats
  • Signed playmat by Seb McKinnon!
  • These items have purpose. 100% of all funds raised during this campaign went towards funding Seb's film (after shipping and playmat/print production costs).
  • Unique, extended artworks - To avoid cropping of any kind, he has painted expansions to each artwork. This way, the art you love remains whole, and you still get a playmat with art that reaches all the way to the edges! 
  • Includes Stitched-Edge and Signed Certificate of Authenticity Card Add-On Upgrades!
Made with a soft fabric top to reduce damage to cards during play and a non-slip rubber backing to keep the playmat from shifting during use, playmats enhance the gameplay experience. With dimensions of approximately 24 in. x 13.5 in., a playmat also makes an excellent oversize mousepad for home or office.

• Officially licensed for Magic: The Gathering Seb McKinnon (Kickstarter Version)
• Features exclusive artwork
• Approximately 24 in. x 13.5 in. and lies flat
• Soft fabric top helps protect cards during gameplay
• Non-slip rubber backing keeps the playmat from shifting during use

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